It’s all fun and games until you can’t fit into your jeans.

Yep, and I had a LOT of fun this summer! We went from being weekend drinkers to having a glass of wine a night. I didn’t eat horribly, just a little extra treat here and there. And it was FUN!!! What’s not so fun? Putting on my ‘boyfriend’ jeans and having them be skin tight. Most of my life is spent in Yoga pants and Lulu tops, so I really didn’t notice that anything had changed. I’m what I call ‘skinny fat’. You look at me and you see a skinny person, right? Admit it, most of you just rolled your eyes when you read me calling myself fat, right? But skinny fat means just that. I’m still small, but everything is jiggling a little too much. I put on 6 lbs! Now some women are lucky and put it on all over, or maybe in their booty. Men like that right? But I only put weight on in my mid section. Picture that guy on the Saturday morning cartoons who sang about, “I hanker for a hunk of cheese!”


Yeah, that’s me. And rarely do you hear men say, “Dude, check out her love handles! Yeah…I’d tap that!”  No, love handles aren’t really sexy. So I’m on a 30 day Challenge!! Who want’s to join me?? 5 lbs in 30 days. I think it’s totally doable. We can help each other out and share ideas and recipes! Or you can just watch as I shed my summer layer. Either way, I’m gonna try and share what I’m doing, and since I live with a Personal Trainer, and a man I dub ‘The Food Natzi’ I’m sure he’ll have lot’s of advice for us. So break out your blender, and let’s get shakin’!