On the wagon

So the biggest change for me this summer was the fact that I went from being a weekend warrior (having a drink only on the weekends) to ‘let’s have a glass of wine a night’. And it was fun! But I gotta tell ya, I have never put weight on more quickly. So for those of you peeps who say, “I don’t know why I can’t lose the weight! I eat right and exercise! And I only have a small glass of wine a night”. I can now tell you first hand, it adds up!! Those extra calories really make a difference, not to mention the alcohol bloat. Read this http://stomachbloating.net/alcohol-water-retention/ for more on that. I have to say I’ve stopped the every day glass of wine, and I instantly deflated. And if you’re counting calories, think about this: the average glass of wine is 125 calories and very few people I know actually pour the average glass of wine. So if you’re having a glass or 2 every day, that’s an extra 875-1750 calories a week! That’s a lot. So cut back on the alcohol. And when you do have a glass of something, try to stick with the ones with lower calories and less sugar. This website http://rethinkingdrinking.niaaa.nih.gov/Tools/Calculators/Calorie-Calculator.aspx gives you a pretty good idea as to how much is in each drink. This weekends drink of choice was a vodka with tonic. Simple yet satisfying.

Through out  the week my drink of choice is good old H2O. But more on that later. Remember, everything in moderation and that especially goes for the booze.