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J-Fit Dance fitness class is an hour of  hard core Cardio set to music. It is similar to the other types of Dance Fitness classes, but not limited to any one kind of music. I like to call my class a ‘buffet’! I try to put a little something for everybody in there. I use mostly current top 40 Pop music, with a heavy dose of Hip Hop and a splash of old standards. I make sure the dance steps are tricky enough to keep you interested, but repeated enough that you can still catch on. It’s a FUN easy way to burn some serious calories with out the tedium of so many other work outs! Come on over and take a class on me!

We are currently on “Summer Hours”. Until further notice the Thursday class is cancelled. Check back to see when we re-start! xoxo

Class Schedule is:

Sunday- Dance Fitness          TuesdayDance Fitness      Thursday- Dance Fitness

9:00am                                       8:45am                                  On Hold

As of November 1, 2017, All my classes are taught at:

Club One Studio 

3195 Redhill, Suite J,  Costa Mesa, CA 92626



Together, my husband and I own 2 gyms. We teach a multitude of classes including Aerial Arts, Boot Camp, Dance Fitness and Yoga.

For all Aerial Arts questions and schedules please call Doug at 949-331-6288

Laguna Health Club(For your weights and cardio needs)

870 Glenneyre Street  Laguna Beach, CA 92651



To Contact me directly, email me at:















4 thoughts on “Dance Fitness classes

  1. May I know the details for (Zoomba)
    1. cost with membership and with out it
    2.For how many days the membership lasts.
    3. How many classes are conducted in a week.
    4. time for the classes

    • I’m so sorry I’m just seeing this! It went to my Spam folder. If your still interested, please come take. It’s $10 for one class, or you can pay $75 for the whole month and take as many classes as you want! We have Zumba classes every day. Mon 9:00am, Tues 8:30, Wed 9:00am and 6;30pm,
      Thur 8:30am and 7:00pm. Sat and Sun 9:00am as well. I only teach the Sunday 9, Wed 6:30, and Thurs 8:30, but all of our instructors are awesome! Come and join us!!

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